A word about Tarsha

About Tarsha my roommate in Sweden
So Tarsha is my roommate in Sweden and we spent today exploring Sweden in our free time. She's been awesome to get to know because she's very easygoing, she never complains and she's funny.... see below. Also, an invaluable asset to a roommate: she gets up to shut off the alarm clock and wakes me up too. (Note the TP in the window of this cafe. These two guys came in, ordered and had just been to the market (?) as they had two rolls of LAMBI in hand. She rocked the new Swedish word/brand all afternoon).

Middle: Janae

Dinner: Seafood, pasta & alfredo sauce

Occupation: TSA - baggage screener - "You know how people say they've seen everything but the kitchen sink? Well, I've actually seen a kitchen sink." (and she means literally). Other top items include dead ducks in a cooler and a goat head in a trash bag in luggage.

Travel advice from Tarsha:
1. Never put fragile stickers on your bag - it means throw it around some more to the airlines.
2. You can't hide from TSA. If it seems like something your grandmother wouldn't want you to have, leave it at home.
3. Bag your dirty clothes. Especially the underwear.
4. They are cutting your lock. So get the right one the first time.
5. If you think a Ziploc bag is the same as a toiletry bag, don't be surprised when your bag explodes all over your stuff. Use a second bag if it's a tight fit.

Her favorite thing about job: My coworkers - "If you have a job where you have coworkers you can't get along with and you don't like, it's hard. But if they make the day interesting, it makes things go by faster and it's better overall. That's what keeps a lot of us there."

Hometown: Baltimore, Md.

Played football since 2002.. teams include Baltimore Burn (02-07) in NWFA, Baltimore Nighthawks (07-10) in IWFL.

Favorite football season: Best season was 2009 - I was in the best shape then.

About my family: Has one brother, two sisters - I am the youngest at 30.

If I had a million dollars – pay bills, help parents pay for their house and invest the rest.
I told Tarsha to go on vacation. After being here for two days, she's inspired to travel again outside the US. Win!

Funny story from this season that cracked me up: "I was getting ready for my game against the NY Nemesis and I had this good feeling that everything was going to be ok - I felt good that day. I went out for the coin toss and we ended up being on offense first. I got in a 3-point stance and as soon as the QB said, "go," I went to engage with a defender and got this feeling and just threw up all on her..... on her face, on her jersey, her facemask and she yelled and ran out of the game. Her coach called a timeout so I took some water from our water girl, rinsed off and went on like it never happened. We all laugh about it now... well, I'm not sure how the girl feels, but.... "


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