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Being a teacher....

This week, I've taught my RG how to snap and my LT how to get in a halfway decent stance.

Both have left me with this incredible feeling of satisfaction. DK would be a great center because he's smart, physical and already a leader. He, like any person trying to play the position, struggled with getting great explosion off the football while still providing a good snap, but he did a great job. We battled for about 30 minutes after practice on Monday - and some of the receivers did stay to catch the deep ball especially.

Yesterday, they asked me if I was going to stay again and of course I said yes. Our first QB couldn't stay long, so that cut down playtime for some of the more rambunctious kids, but I did get a chance to work with VP during practice on his stance. He finally listened to me when I made a few adjustments, including some actual BEND in his knees and hamstrings.

He, I think, was shocked at how much difference a few inches made in his ability to pass block and get …

Don't be this parent:

Last week was fall break for my high school, and the freshmen did not have a dedicated practice but instead were invited to participate with the varsity. Sadly, only a few did come and not all the boys who should've been there were. Still, my TE did play a good deal in last Thursday's JV game (photo above). It was a good learning experience for him. After the game I asked him how it went, mostly because of where we were sitting in the stands, I couldn't really see too much of the game.

He said: "Well, that guy was so strong and fast and I really couldn't do anything at all against him."

I said: "We learn different things in every game.... and it'll be off to the weight room with you this winter and spring."

The ugly thing I learned during the game was a result of my choice to support the boys as a fan. All the varsity coaches came to the game, but all stood on the sideline even if they were not participating in the coaching. I had asked Josh to co…

Game 3: Learning Disappointment

Sad to report, but we were upset in the final :40 seconds of Thursday night's battle.

We got out to a quick start, scoring and moving the ball down the field. We installed a check down this week from 83 Base to 21 Bucksweep and vice-versa, and because it was the only check, I'm certain by halftime the other team knew the play but mostly couldn't stop us. Good news.

Yeah, O-line - it starts up front!

Still, our defense wasn't able to recognize the counter plays they ran, and a freak flea-flicker play took the wind out of our sails going into halftime. I hate that stupid play, except the one time it was run by Boise State.

We didn't really change anything at halftime, and the defense picked up its intensity for the second act. We recovered a fumble, the momentum from which was stymied by our attempt to draw an offsides call, which resulted in a mental error and a 1st and 15 instead.

Worse, our kicker missed his extra point attempt when we did score which was attributed to…