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Nine weeks later ...

Technically the photo above is from week 8 - which included a self-imposed physical challenge. I had tire flips as part of my routine and as often is the case, decided I should test my limits.

The workout was a 25-20-15-10-5 ordeal, so during the 25 flips, I questioned my original motives, but there is an insane satisfaction in doing the unimaginable. The structure of the workout provides no desire to quit as the hard part is already finished. So I flipped. And as I flipped I decided I needed more info.

"Steve, how much do you think this weighs?" I called out across the gym.

"Not sure, hun," in a way only Steve can say to all his clients - regardless of age or sex - without being patronizing in the slightest.

So onto the bathroom scale we rolled this monster on top and got a reading of about 170 pounds. Quite honestly, I wasn't sure I could flip the tire at all. Doing it was an amazing high.

Yesterday marked nine weeks of training at PowerThru. Next weekend (e…