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Five weeks down & feeling like a newbie

I told Steve to quit going easy on me because of the difficulty of the two workouts I did Monday and Tuesday.

I think the reality is that he's just been making me work harder and I love that.

This is my fifth week training at PowerThru and I absolutely love it more now than ever.

1 round = Tire flip (down / back) with run to store  +  Tire pull on firehose (down / back)  +  10 pushups  +  10 machine row (0 plus machine)  +  ruck run with 30 lbs of sand to the light.

I did four rounds in an hour - and felt like the hunchback of our town running with the ruck.

1 round = 10 handle pushups + 1 minute plank + 20 squats (B2B & regular)  +  10 manmakers (similar to burpees and T-pushup)  +  10 hammer curls (with 20 lb each)  +  wall climb (3x attempts)  +  pullups with bar  + sumo squat (45 lbs)   +   10 DB swing (20).

I broke my 12-year record and threw up for the first time during a workout since 1999 at two-a-day football practice.

I have resolve never to again e…

Your trainer is not your therapist.

With yesterday off, I elected to visit Steve a bit later than usual, and in some ways I regretted it. My revelation that I dislike working out with distractions was apparent during my six reps of GI Jane (10 Burpees + 1 bodyweight row after each, 20 situps with 12-lb med ball, 30 bw squats, 4 blocks run).

At the hamster gym, my nerves are frazzled by the zumba ladies shrieking while I'm running 20 feet away, headphones on full blast and I can still hear them. 
At the spartan gym, it's the person who gives not only their life story, but also the stories of anyone who they know anything about. I wonder if it is also a hazard of making your living as a bartender, hair / nail stylist, probate lawyer. 
At any gym, any time, I'd rather not ever talk - I'm there to get in, get challenged and get on with my day. 
It is a contradiction. At the hamster gym, I wear headphones, every day, as loud as possible to not only ignore other people and try to achieve focus, but to drown ou…

Is getting ripped worth it?

I read this funny posting about fitness philosophy.

My favorite line was the one about letting your inner fat kid out... I have to battle mine daily. After two weeks of hitting the morning workouts hard and trying to eat cleaner, things are going well.

Yesterday's workout was a 17-rep descending set of (DB swing with 20 & 20 DBs, squats, pushups and jacks). After I got to 1 rep, I made it back up to 10, and traded squats for situps for variety.

Today's workout was a good combination of pressure (30 minutes) and the challenge to beat 34 reps. I turned in 25 reps of this: 10 pushups, 10 squats, 10 rows and 10 jacks. I did some very ugly pushups at the end, but I had a focus the past two days that was awesome.

In my personal battle for getting ripped, I think it's worth it. My fat kid still loves cake, but I like muscle strength more.