Five weeks down & feeling like a newbie

I told Steve to quit going easy on me because of the difficulty of the two workouts I did Monday and Tuesday.

I think the reality is that he's just been making me work harder and I love that.

This is my fifth week training at PowerThru and I absolutely love it more now than ever.

1 round = Tire flip (down / back) with run to store  +  Tire pull on firehose (down / back)  +  10 pushups  +  10 machine row (0 plus machine)  +  ruck run with 30 lbs of sand to the light.

I did four rounds in an hour - and felt like the hunchback of our town running with the ruck.

1 round = 10 handle pushups + 1 minute plank + 20 squats (B2B & regular)  +  10 manmakers (similar to burpees and T-pushup)  +  10 hammer curls (with 20 lb each)  +  wall climb (3x attempts)  +  pullups with bar  + sumo squat (45 lbs)   +   10 DB swing (20).

I broke my 12-year record and threw up for the first time during a workout since 1999 at two-a-day football practice.

I have resolve never to again eat Mexican food (I will miss salsa) and I have learned that my body functions better on morning workouts, which is pretty cool.

1 round: 10 tire step-ups + 10 burpees (repeat 4 times), hauling a 50 pound bucket of rock in a bucket by a rope to the top of the ceiling + 10 pushups (repeat 4 times) + 10 pulldowns + 3 sets of bear crawl down, sprint back (repeat 3 times).

I did two rounds and was nauseous. My shoulders / traps feel like people have been tap dancing up there.

The verdict: Monday and Tuesday rocked my world, today was better but I am feeling strong and I know that is progress.

When it comes to this program, I want to be like Pat Bowlen (we are celebrating Manning-trade-week) who said at one time: "I want to win at everything."

There are a few things that I'll be working on for awhile (pushups, wall climb) but I love this kind of work.


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