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Every day is training day...

After speaking to our new class of interns this morning, I broke in a new pair of cleats out on the high school field tonight. I hope the cleats will help solve some of the problems I've been having. Realistically, it won't make my plantar fasciitis go away, but if my feet can feel less like mashed potatoes, I'd be grateful. I'm scared of the giant shots.

USA teammate Okiima Pickett tweeted the other day that her arms are all bruised, and after yesterday's practice, the usual suspects are back for me too. Thankfully, my work functions requiring no sleeves are over for awhile. Coach S came to practice Wednesday night after being married earlier in the day. I know I won't be married during football season because those photos would require serious Photoshop or a longsleeved dress. No chance.

Not sure I can say that I won't get married in football season at all, because there's not much time off in my future. That's ok, though...

As I was finishing up my …

If you love something....

you will make it happen, no matter what else stands in the way. Sacrifices make the journey worth the result.

Practiced today with a girl who plays on her HS varsity team and is a kicker ... perhaps the sweetest girl I've ever met with a leg that can get after a 45--yarder no problem.

That inspires me.

Football is life. Life after football is more football.

I'm in the process of working on my retirement plan.

In approach shot (eight months ahead) to age 30, I won't be retiring from my 9-to-5 anytime soon, but I'm dreaming up my next big project anyway.

We'll call it my 401K - because that might be a good goal to add to my strategic plan .... 401,000 girls exposed to football.

The vehicle is a girls football clinic/tournament this summer or fall (or both), connecting up with girls from 6-18 and really focusing on skills, drills, teaching the game and sharing my passion for football. I was really moved when Mike McGee - Annika's husband - came up last weekend to accept an award on behalf of their girls golf tournament, and shared a speech on what it meant to him to manage her brand. Annika has done a wonderful job of becoming a true entrepreneur but also sharing her passion for golf with the next generation, and I want to do the same thing but on the gridiron.

For me, I think this brings together all the stories: from the g…

I'd like to call Walter Payton ...

This winter I read one of Walter Payton's books and I liked the focus. It was not on his dominant style of play but on his outside passions of fundraising for kids and his family.

Walter Payton is football.

But he was much more, as a person and as a football icon, and I'd give a lot to have the ear of someone like that right now.

I'm feeling the rush: of the commitments I've made with coaching and the passion I have for this game against the terrible feeling I might need to retire because I don't always feel the same.

The other day when I couldn't practice, I wanted nothing but to be on the field. Now that I've come back to practice, I don't feel that way.

Daily I'm torn between the time commitment I need to make (Saturdays at coaches clinics and studying film, making phone calls for the golf fundraiser and even just waking up early to go to morning sessions) so that at the end of the day, I am investing in my future because I can't play forever.