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New doors and no more "ma'am"s

I read a funny e-mail by Mia Brickhouse today from TEAM USA... and it was a book idea for 'how TEAM USA ruined my life' ... It was so much fun and none of us really wants to return to 'real life'. One of my goals for life is to figure out how women can play this sport as a job - even if they have to supplement their incomes in the off-season. It is truly a moment in history that we had to appreciate what life could be like.

This weekend I vow to finish writing about the experience, post all my photos and write my thank you notes. I am so far behind but I do need to remain employed.

My big news is that my contact with a high school football coach earlier in the year has become a cool opportunity for me to help coach the freshmen team at the school. I am working with two good coaches (one specializes in offense, one defense) and two other assistants who are funny in their own ways. More on them later.

I met with the head coach Monday which I realized was an interview when I…

USA "sneaks" past Finland

So we defeated a fundamental, hardworking Finland team tonight, 72-0.... all our backs got TDs and Lee should've had two, but both were called back for holding. Crazy. I am so proud of our team - not only for the great things that happened today - Rusty Sowers was a two-time MVP of the game, Tarsha had an awesome block that took down two girls and was the block heard round the world, Welter had an awesome sack, our defense blocked a punt, and Rusty returned a punt for a TD... and on and on.

The entire team got to play good minutes tonight.... which was great as our second and third sets of offense and defense are people any team would love to have. We came up with an awesome beat before the game and did it after halftime as well.... so much passion on our team and heart - you can't keep this team down.

Our opponent made the mistake of saying they planned to score 20-30 points on us... unfortunately for them our defense is like a rock, and it was never close.

I was disappointed in…

Highlight video

Check this out..... our first game highlights: