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On the rise

Exciting news from different areas of the country lately to share, the largest being that the Pittsburgh Passion, host of this year's WFA National Championship, will be playing at Heinz Field. The story mentions that the effort is partly because of the recent focus on Title IX's 40th birthday; a recent stat I saw said that in 1972, only one of 25 girls played sports and now it's one in three.

It's a good indicator of progress, though for me I'd rather see things like this, an article promoting football tryouts for both boys and girls in Kansas.
It's the first such article I've ever seen to openly promote the game to both genders, yet with so much focus lately on concussions, it seems that now more than ever the gates of access might be open to continue growing the sport.
The CDC has partnered with USA Football on an initiative to help combat this problem, one I think starts at a very young age - with kids often playing on teams coached by parents, not being…

Weathering life's furry whirlwind

The spring came in like a lion, and left with Journey.
Rewind two weeks to the start of spring football (more on that later) and to the end of our road with the biggest baby I've ever met. I returned from Houston for work and Josh from a wedding in South Carolina to find Ms. J fragile and unable to walk. The next week was spent at the Eastside Animal Hospital - with a brief back-and-forth-field trip. 
There wasn't much upside to the week which included a giant bill (though substantially smaller than expected), test after test with few answers, a dog blood transfusion from Rex (resident "willing" donor) and heartbreak in eventually having to make a difficult decision to end Journey's life. The great part was meeting a team of people who perform their jobs with love, which we were comforted by during and after we said goodbye.
Journey was a modern story of a girl found on Craigslist by an unlikely pair, still grieving from the loss of Brutus (April 22, 2009). She …