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Lately there's been a bit of excessive awkwardness.

Right now the awkward comes in waves - washing my hair, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, eating food in front of others - everything is hard when you can't use your thumb on your dominant hand.

Luckily, there are some moments of humor:

Sponsor I work with in the Northeast: how's football?

ME: Pretty good – I fell straight on my thumb last night so typing is a little tough – my hand is swollen like an orange, so cross your fingers because we have a playoff game Saturday!

Sponsor: it would have been more authentic if you had a couple typos below - hope you heal up soon. What's the record?

ME:Haha! You crack me up … my English teacher mother would be appalled if she knew I sent out mistake-ridden emails….even with a thumb injury ….

Not sure if I've ever mentioned Josh in the blog but he's the to-be DH (dear/darling husband) although I kind of like the abbreviation for designated hitter in the baseball sense ... anywa…