Lately there's been a bit of excessive awkwardness.

Right now the awkward comes in waves - washing my hair, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, eating food in front of others - everything is hard when you can't use your thumb on your dominant hand.

Luckily, there are some moments of humor:

Sponsor I work with in the Northeast: how's football?

ME: Pretty good – I fell straight on my thumb last night so typing is a little tough – my hand is swollen like an orange, so cross your fingers because we have a playoff game Saturday!

Sponsor: it would have been more authentic if you had a couple typos below - hope you heal up soon. What's the record?

ME: Haha! You crack me up … my English teacher mother would be appalled if she knew I sent out mistake-ridden emails….even with a thumb injury ….

Not sure if I've ever mentioned Josh in the blog but he's the to-be DH (dear/darling husband) although I kind of like the abbreviation for designated hitter in the baseball sense ... anyway, the two of us were at a friend's pool this past weekend with a large group, and one of the kids there looked sort of familiar but I swore I heard someone say he went to the other school in town so I didn't think about it.

Later in the day, someone asked if I worked at the same job as Josh, and this boy intervened - saying I was a football coach at his school. So, awkward as I realized this kid was definitely at spring practice about a month ago - and he will be on my team in about a month. Can't wait for that to be brought up later. It's sort of awkward being a local celebrity.

Yesterday when I went to see Coach M, the ATC, for the high school to get some assistance with my stupid thumb, the athletic director walked out of his office as tears were apparently welling in my eyes.

Of course, I said something about being mad at my stupid thumb which made no sense at all. Points to him for being sensitive, but nothing like an awkward hug from your AD for something like that.

Thumbs down.


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