Football is life. Life after football is more football.

I'm in the process of working on my retirement plan.

In approach shot (eight months ahead) to age 30, I won't be retiring from my 9-to-5 anytime soon, but I'm dreaming up my next big project anyway.

We'll call it my 401K - because that might be a good goal to add to my strategic plan .... 401,000 girls exposed to football.

The vehicle is a girls football clinic/tournament this summer or fall (or both), connecting up with girls from 6-18 and really focusing on skills, drills, teaching the game and sharing my passion for football. I was really moved when Mike McGee - Annika's husband - came up last weekend to accept an award on behalf of their girls golf tournament, and shared a speech on what it meant to him to manage her brand. Annika has done a wonderful job of becoming a true entrepreneur but also sharing her passion for golf with the next generation, and I want to do the same thing but on the gridiron.

For me, I think this brings together all the stories: from the girls who play tackle in youth leagues in Gwinnett ... to the private school in Atlanta that offers varsity flag football ... to the little girl I met at a varsity football game last year who goes to her older cousin's practice and gives him coaching points.

These little girls deserve to know about the opportunities that are ahead - especially TEAM USA. I'm geeked out that I'll be going to NYC in a little over a month to coach some clinics before the NFL Draft. Maybe it will help generate more ideas.

The point is ... and I have seen at least three quotes this week to the effect of - "past accomplishments only lead us to what we'll do next - to constantly keep proving ourselves," which leads me to believe I need to listen and take action ...

I have been given a tremendous opportunity to live more dreams than I ever thought were possible. I want to give that hope and inspire my passion for the game in as many girls as I can. That should be my legacy, not whatever I do on the field past, present or future.

Hardhat goes on tomorrow to start down the path of getting this done.


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