Being a teacher....

This week, I've taught my RG how to snap and my LT how to get in a halfway decent stance.

Both have left me with this incredible feeling of satisfaction. DK would be a great center because he's smart, physical and already a leader. He, like any person trying to play the position, struggled with getting great explosion off the football while still providing a good snap, but he did a great job. We battled for about 30 minutes after practice on Monday - and some of the receivers did stay to catch the deep ball especially.

Yesterday, they asked me if I was going to stay again and of course I said yes. Our first QB couldn't stay long, so that cut down playtime for some of the more rambunctious kids, but I did get a chance to work with VP during practice on his stance. He finally listened to me when I made a few adjustments, including some actual BEND in his knees and hamstrings.

He, I think, was shocked at how much difference a few inches made in his ability to pass block and get after some people. Of course, coach H was messing with us on stunts, but it was great because he was able to finally see WHY he needed to look up and be aware of the stacked LB and lineman.

He and LG (CL) giggled during practice. I asked them what was up, and one of them finally said something along the lines of listening to a girl tell them what to do.

The thing is, boys, I really do know what I'm talking about!

My favorite part of practice was seeing the excitement I finally saw from him for the game! It has seemed some days like VP wasn't that excited to spend all his time at football, an assessment which Coach L and Coach H seemed to disagree with the other day when I said it. But, to this point, I hadn't seen any JOY from V, and that sometimes is what sustains you when there's a bad block, a hard loss, a tough day of practice, etc.

I think TE CS is excited also - he had a chance to try his hand at center yesterday in practice and stayed for a few minutes to snap. I heard him say at least three times - "Center is fun!"

I love it!

Teaching is fun! :)


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