I need to catch up...

But tonight it's abut midnight already and though we get to sleep in a bit tomorrow before practice and meetings all night, I'm hoping I can still get up to walk around. We'll see. I'm TIRED.

I need to post more about our bus tour and Monday, but today we spent most of the day watching other teams play - our competition coming up. The first game was Finland vs. Austria, and the score there was 50-16 I think.... Finland has a good offensive game and Austria was able to do more in this game than ours. We'll have to do some work on especially defense to keep them scoreless as their offense was certainly clicking today.

The second game was Sweden vs. Germany and it was a shock to all of us. Sweden held Germany to 14 points - and it was a defensive battle: Final, Germany 14, Sweden 6. I'm pretty sure Sweden had 12 sacks, and I'd hate to know what the count was for Germany. They have two bookend tackles (who play inside) and are HUGE. We'll cut to the end of time if we play Germany on Saturday. Sweden played very well, blocking and recovering a field goal attempt, and picking off some balls. We were surprised, but the giant tackles and some all-out blitzes stopped Sweden's early offensive drives quickly.

We practiced this morning before it got too warm. Tonight we had a brief success and played cards while Sami gave a concert out on the patio to all in listening range. She has a great voice and she writes songs as well. Must go to bed as I'm about asleep now... try to catch up tomorrow!

Excited that Vet is coming for Thursday's game from England.... wish I had more time off so I could stay and adventure after the GOLD!


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