So I'm a crier, but I almost started tonight in our first meeting when the special teams coach told a story about how he read an article in 1990 that about 120 women played high school football. He spoke at a high school after that with one girl on the team. He said, "Boys, you are on a special team.... because of the 1.5 million boys playing high school football today.... you have this teammate who is one of 120 in the country." She wrote him a letter about the USA football team and what it means to her that we are playing REAL football. He even he had her senior picture from 1990 .... incredible.

I love that we are representing the future of women's tackle football.... girls who love this game.... and girls who someday can aspire to get to this USA women's football team because they want to be the best in the world and play the best in the world......

I love that I met Jen Blum who's been playing since 1999. My roommates are from DC and NY and the O-LINE is represented. I love that our coach speaks football like some people speak their native language...

More later because I have to get up at the crack of dawn and study... and I've been up for 21 hours today.


  1. Roseanna - I am very proud of you! I wish you a great experience. (but can you call the players Women instead of Girls?)

    Your Aunt Karen (70's era feminist!)


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