really quick

Lunch passed by like crazy today... had to squeeze in a PB&J just now because I had a quick visit from Austin's mobile chiropractor to get my rib put back in place (it was a bit out) and my neck softened up from my crazy trap muscles spasming... ICE is in my future tonight. I can't take muscle relaxers because of how awful I felt last week training with Coach Montgomery but it'll be ok.

Things are going well overall... I have a giant bruise on my right hand above the wrist and I will have some ICE for my arms tonight as well as shoulders/neck. Not bad though for six practices. Updating photos later tonight... and trying to get some sleep as well.

THANKS to Doug who came to the hotel this morning to pick up some of my stuff... I hope I'll be able to hang out with him before I go back to Atlanta and work on the 6th.

For now, Pickett1 is sleeping, Smith2 is icing and this Smith needs to get ready for practice.


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