Last words

I did fall asleep on the bus during success period - my first time to do it on the trip --- we are all mentally and physically exhausted from the trip, but what I heard of it needs to be expanded upon before I hit the hay.

Coach Mac is one of the most inspirational people I've ever met, and he opened with the parable of the boy with the cross and expanded into words on the concept of "believe".

We have to believe in ourselves to reach our goal on this trip.
We have to believe in our teammates and the preparation we've had so far on this TEAM USA.
We have to believe in our training - which connected for me to my last bad practice before we left.
We have to believe in our sport - we had a chance to meet the head of the IFAF who told us that he was tired of hearing his male colleagues say the women's world championships couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't be done, and he had to do it.

We have to believe..... and it's hard at some times to do in spite of everything because this trip is as a whole so unbelievable. My roommates and I were talking before we left for this long trip here about how it's been a dream to walk through the airport as a team and be that group people wanted to know about. When you're wearing the USA and the American flag on your body, it's hard for everyone to not want to know.

It's hard to believe that we've all gotten ourselves here to this point and that we're about to set the stage for our sport for the rest to follow. I've loved Title IX my whole life for the opportunities it has afforded to me because I wouldn't be the same without sport - especially football. It's incredibly rewarding for me to be on this inaugural team .... to have a hand in this instead of just thanking all those who've given to me.

It's hard to believe I'm on this team with so many talented athletes. My challenges have come from this disbelief .... we are almost a week into this trip and I still can't believe it all is/has happened.

I do believe we will do all we can as a team to bear the weight of the world and set the table for a 2013 TEAM USA and beyond. Tommy from the IFAF said today that the men cannot enter the Olympics without the women, and even beyond the Olympic dream - this dream of a world championship where you have the opportunity to get together with the best and wear the USA logo is incredible. We are doing it for the gold, but I can't wait to see how the other countries are and how we compare with them on the field.

The one thing I do believe is in the passion. Each and every person on this team burns with the same passion I do for football and for the sacrifice. Some of the women on the Dallas team have a t-shirt I like that says something along the lines of... "For the film, for the workouts, for the eating right, for the bruises, for the dream" and it's about dedication to this mission we're on. There's not a doubt in my mind that any of my teammates won't do their absolute best to bring home this gold and represent the USA as best we can. It's absolutely living the dream.

Off to bed so I can be fresh for our 9 a.m. practice at the stadium. Miss everyone... wish you could be here for this amazing trip. So excited my former teammate and O-LINE sister Vet will be here on Thursday. A shock from Facebook this week!

Much love.


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