I can't wait!

Being a part of the first-ever women's TEAM USA is amazing and exciting... and I can't wait to meet all my teammates and see what's in store for us. I cannot believe we are leaving on Saturday and there's about 100 things I need to do before then.

In the mean time, I've been working out with Coach Montgomery at Georgia Training Alliance to make sure I'm ready and he's been killing me. Last week, I threw up and cried in my two workouts... this week I've managed to feel dizzy in my one last night.

Coach Montgomery is intense and I love that... always a surprise and always a workout full of jumping, which I should not do because it's so bad - which is probably exactly why we do it. He's not much of a talker, either, and I always leave feeling like I couldn't possibly do anything else. Last night after dinner, I was asleep about 10 minutes into Iron Man 2.


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