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TOP: At a park in downtown Stockholm. Sweet fountain.
Next: Sweet hotel we went into - owned by someone famous... nice bathrooms too.
Next2: Walking down one of the main streets.
Next3: Sweet church.
Next4: The best lunch ever - pesto, cheese and crusty bread.
Next5: Dinner at the hotel where Canada and Austria are staying.
Next6: OG and a sweet pic with her glasses.
Next7: Team by the Baltic Sea.
Next8: Sailboat and awesome view.
Next9: Our hotel and the police who wanted to meet our team.
Next10: Vaz and me after our adventure in the city on Day1.
Next11: Brief photo of the stadium.
Next12: Our bus...
Next13: Me
Next14: The birdseye view from the plane of Sweden. The ground looks like this too.
Next15: The coaches... from front: Coach K, Coach Mac, Coach Stone
Last: Me, OG and Knegi (Ningeee)


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