I wrote for 40 minutes after practice...

and the internet experienced a technical difficulty and erased our entire trip (48 hours and counting on today it seems with the time change)... so I'm going to do my best to duplicate in several posts to not do the same.

The day started at 5 a.m. with a wakeup call - not sure I would've heard it if not for my roommates. We boarded a bus in Round Rock for the Austin airport and met many nice people at the airport. I overheard one woman working security wishing she'd had the chance to play as she could run the 40 in under 5 seconds and might've been good. Those stories make me sad, but this experience is partly why we are here. It's so good that we've been focused on the fact that we aren't just doing this for ourselves and our iconic players that are hitting retirement soon, but we're doing it for every girl and every woman who wants this chance to compete on the world stage.

The airport was pretty easy - we had lots of time - and I had the pleasure of sharing seats with Angie from Chicago and Jen from NY - we sat across from the coaches, which provided some entertainment as they were "interviewed" by players. The first leg of our trip was about four hours to Newark, NJ, and on the flight we were served Cheeseburgers, salad and one packet of ketchup. I thought it was comical, because it was only one packet and no more for any passenger, and I've never in my life had just one packet of ketchup. Poor Jen thought she lost her passport when we took off, but it was in her seat pocket - hopefully that's the only experience for any of us on this trip in that regard.

Newark was a short layover - just enough time to browse shops for a minute, grab a bite for some, and use the facilities. Jen and Melissa Pickett (my former roommate from NY) were able to drop off some of their extra baggage with Jen's dad at the airport so they didn't have to ship those items home.

The leg to Stockhom was almost eight hours - a tight squeeze on the 757 - which has two Rolls Royce engines which each weigh 43,000 pounds - a fun fact learned in the inflight magazine. I left a few Golfweeks for the next person to the USA - as I caught up on some reading for work today. We all had our own TVs on the flight, so I watched the "How to Train your Dragon" movie and several TV shows... tried to catch some rest but my soreness from practice, the tight quarters and the 4,000-mile trip didn't allow much rest.

I'm hoping I can snare the aisle on the way home, because while I had the window coming here with the Shockleys ... I need to stand up every now and then, and once on the flight was not enough for me. I remember my flight to Spain being much larger, and I did sit on the aisle then (memorable because the flight attendant nailed me with the serving cart about three times). We arrived all in one piece around 7 a.m. local time after leaving Newark at 5:30 ET - customs was easy and we arrived with our luggage intact. More in the next post...


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