Today's list

Because Adrian is getting cranky and we haven't been able to even be in our rooms yet so far at this time yet this trip....

Things I love about training camp so far:

- When someone screws up a play, Coach K starts blowing his whistle 400 times and saying "your family is embarrased for you!"
- 200 breaks because the heat index is over 200 degrees... I don't like the heat but I do love the: random watermelon, pedialyte, shade from the "cooling tents", our trainer B-Rad who deals with my fussy self (taping hands, my plantar fasciia and such nonsense), and actually having water breaks. NOVEL!
- My roommates Melissa Pickett and Okiima Pickett (P squared) and Adrienne Smith (so we are S squared) .... 2 skills, 2 centers - woot!
- Our quarterback Sami from Chicago who sings in the huddle.
- Dawn (mostly my left tackle) who knows absolutely everything about the offense....
- Coach Mac who makes me kind of teary every day telling stories.
- The people here who make us food... though I really miss my OLINE because even me wants about 12 cookies with all this practice
- Driving in the car today and racing Momma S.pringer's car to get back to the hotel --- our entire car broke into a cheer when we won.
- I did not love the drug test I took this morning but I did love that the people were on time because I could not have held it any longer.
- I love that Karen Mulligan - NY's quarterback - is playing tackle and today she had to get nine stitches because she got cleated in the leg.
-Whoever made the shuttle list and put all the damn lineman in the same van..... there is a weight limit folks!!!
- Success period today when Coach Mac said... teammates forever!

That's it for now because Mia Brickhouse from Boston is making her appearance as our roommate and it's bed.


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