My giants

This week I've devoted some time to trying to say thank you to all the people in the high school football program who helped me, invested in me, and taught me something about what it means to being a good coach.

I found myself literally crying last night while I wrote a few notes, and I think I'd probably start the dang waterworks again if I looked at them.

I thought about the concept of "standing on the shoulders of giants" this summer when I was selected to TEAM USA. It certainly was not by all my own effort - so many phenomenal people have invested in me their time, talents, advice, wisdom, training, technique, and most of all confidence.

It prompted me to check out where the saying came from:

Wikipedia tells me this (and love the photo):

I like the reference from the X-files : "If I have seen further than other men it's because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."

I truly feel that I owe a debt of gratitude to many people - from this year especially our team Coach L and Coach H, on Varsity: Coaches W, A, A and C.


• Coach Montgomery, who I can't wait to get to know more this year ... and learn a ton from and especially get back in the gym because his workouts leave absolutely nothing left
• Coach J, best at teaching and at technique I have ever known
• Coach T, who I steal sayings from all the time
• Coach K from this summer, totally have implemented the "last one, best one
• all my HS football coaches - especially Coach Flynn, Coach Belz and Coach Dunn


  1. Glad you connected with a fightin' team this season! Love your idea to write notes to your players - they are lucky to have you :D


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