Two memories

The varsity played a homecoming game on Oct. 22, and two things happened that day that I will never forget:

The first (and least significant by far) was seeing a Blackhawk helicopter land on the field to deliver the game ball. A cool gesture, but definitely small compared to the second.

Before the game, a man and his son knocked on the doors to the football complex. The man was like any other in the stands, and his son was in a wheelchair, clearly excited by all the hoopla going on in the stands, the band playing, the people walking by.

The man asked me if I knew where one of our players was and if they were in the right spot to meet the team to walk on the field before the game. I told them they were - as they stood near the large doghouse door, where the varsity all files out. Before things got too hectic, I walked with the other coaches up to the press box to wait.

The most memorable thing about that night was seeing our 50+ players WALK out onto the field, hand-in-hand, over to our sideline - being led by this boy who walked slowly, helped by two varsity players, to our stands.

I did my best to hide tears of emotion, knowing that for this boy and his dad, it was one of the best night of their lives. I hope our community and our players, saw how much of a difference they could make in forever changing someone's life through the sport they loved... by simply thinking of someone else and making a small change to the schedule to allow this to happen.

Some people might remember the helicopter, because it was loud, cool and memorable.

I'll never take for granted our military or their sacrifice, but homecoming belonged to that boy.


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