Physical Challenge 2

So besides this morning's torture workout, fiancee J and I agreed to do our own competition. We're doing a 9-week wellness challenge that includes nine physical or skill challenges as following:

1. Run a 5K
2. Swim a mile
3. Play 9 holes of golf
4. Play 3 sets of tennis
5. Bowling (we were reaching for other ideas at this point...)
6. Miniature golf (which replaces Josh's first suggestion of "arm wrestling" - yeah, like that's fair!)
7. 5-mile bike race
8. Free-throw shooting contest
9. (tiebreaker) Rock-paper-scissors

My plan is to win. We are also going to do a body composition challenge - I think it'll be fun, and allow for us to have some fun with it ...  all I can think about is friends K&W who got married and had their groom's cake as a scoreboard. The work wellness challenge starts soon, and the winner can get $150. That's three months or so of training = good investment.

This morning's workout went pretty well - much harder than the past two days, which is surprising because all my little muscles were already whining. Thursday's special: 30 med ball slams + 20 weighted rows (55lbs) + run to the end of the street + 30 jacks + 20 rope slams + 10 pushups

I did four sets today - not sure if it was ropes or rows that wore me out more, but Steve is pushing me, and that's what I need. I love the work for a purpose.


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