Andrew Jackson Penned My Fitness Routine

When I think about the number 20, I think about presidential Andrew Jackson beaming down from his curled wig. I think about Cookie Monster speaking the elementary Spanish phrases I've managed to remember after 10 years of advanced language classes  ("veinte! ah ah ah!").

I think of this sympathy birthday card I got from friend Julie:

I guess the long and short of this blog post is that I reminisce about 20 because it's such a great number. This morning's workout was, however, not full of this Jackson bliss.

Twenty for Tuesday: 20 reps of each of the following AND 20 step-ups between each exercise including: Wall Ball + Overhead Squats (with 10 pounds) + Ball Slams + Jacks + Pushups + Crunches + Rope slams + Tire flip + Burpees

The good news?

It wasn't 35, which I am not really looking forward to either in age or in number of reps,  ever. Especially reps involving the torture of squats/lunges.

Also good (though not for focus) was the Van Halen classic "Jump" which came on as I started my first round. Keytar solo anyone?


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