Overheard, Week 1

Friday's recipe: 40 jacks + 5 reverse pullups + 15 pulldowns + 10 alt db press (15/20 lbs) + 20 tire step-ups + 20 (each leg) lunges + run to light = 1. I did five, modifying the last set of lunges to sideways lunges. I ran very slow.

The benefits of early workouts are great, including this short list: 
I don't have to think about a workout, I just have to get there.
I know they are expecting me, so I am committed.
There is some social pressure, but not 200 mirrors to examine the flaws you already know exist.
I don't have to work out like hamster, and the other people there are there to work, not to talk.
I get to see the sunrise every day.
We save money on water, because I now shower at work.
There's not much traffic.
As of 7 a.m., I'm done for the day.
Muscle soreness = hard work.

My favorite quotes from the week:
Today, another exerciser commenting on my step-up style (as fast as possible on a tractor tire): "Seriously?"

I wish I would've captured the look on her face. My style for this exercise is fast. It's a better challenge than the lunges that are determined to destroy my knees, and make me pant like I've run a mile with someone chasing me. (= Embarrassing)

Yesterday, upon my comments on being sore, Stacy gave me no sympathy, but told Steve who said:

"You work harder than anyone, and that's rare. We're not going to waste it." (=Worth it)


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