But linemen don't catch footballs....

Big things have been happening lately with football.

After my experience last fall with the traveling football team, I decided to ask for an adjusted role with more responsibilities this year to learn more about being a good coach. I was offered a job with the WRs for the 9th grade, and I took it with some apprehension.

After all, I'm a center.

But, we worked in the wing-t last year, which is not all that pass-driven, and I can certainly teach blocking.

Then we had a coaches' meeting last weekend and I learned we are working with adding a component of the spread offense. Sweet.

My weekends from here until spring practice will need to include some serious studying, whiteboard drawing, video-watching, talking to WRs and WR coaches and going to early AM meetings. I can't wait to see how this turns out, and I'm sure it will be ok.

After all, I'm a center. Learning offense is what we do. Stay tuned.


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