Some things never change ... and here's hoping some do

Right now, I miss Coach Mac from Team USA.

He's the guy that reminds you to savor the moments, no matter how small. To think about the preparation, to put your jersey on one more time. To remember that the name on the front is more important than the one on the back. To write in your journal about how you felt each day of the experience.

I have had a very tumultuous 2011 season personally, but I'm ecstatic to be ending where we wanted to be: the championship game. 10 days, 5 more practices, 1 more game. Seems like January was just yesterday - but then again, these last few months have been very hard for lots of reasons.

Personalities, situations, snafus - you-name-it and it probably went into this season for our team. I even got into it with Sheila during a game. Sugar Ray did earn her nickname in her last season, which I can appreciate.

It's been a hard road, but one I wouldn't want to walk without a few people I started down this road with five years ago. It's hard to go into the championship game with so much on my mind. It's funny to look at the 2007 season and think about how I felt: the nerves and the ignorance of what it would take and what little responsibility I had.

I need to remember to pack something in my suitcase to Austin that I've had since the day we played in the championship game in 2007, something one of our quarterbacks gave us until we got the real thing together....

This thing has been haunting me since that night when we walked off our own field as the runners-ups. No matter what happens, without the win, you leave the championship game having lost something. I have looked at that Ring Pop twice a day for five years, but I also have turned it into something that has meant the world to me. I'd love to close this chapter on my football career with a storybook ending. We went, we saw, we overcame. I'm not sure I'm ready to hang it up forever, but for now, I'm heading in a new direction, and I need to remember to remember these last few moments. You never know when they might be your last, your best.

Somehow I made it all this time without much injury and pain, but that's climbing. It's funny how no matter what you've been through, one win can make every second, every bit of strife, every sacrifice and every joy worthwhile. Forever.

Down the home stretch, we'll see what we're really made of and who's there to stand for it. We'll be together in 10 days for the last time, and that's really inspiring. Stay tuned.


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