Fragile wins

Last night we were supposed to beat our opponents. We did it (69-0).

There were some ups (Kash returning almost three balls for special teams TDs, not running more than about 37 plays all night - even though we only played 2.5 quarters, defense not allowing any first downs.... and on...) and we had some lows (punted three times) but the main point was that for the extreme highs we had during the game and the individual performances:

Mick made some killer hits, Groupie had a really good game, OL pancaked like it was our job.

The extreme low came near the end of the third quarter when one of their players was severely injured. We haven't heard what exactly was wrong, but as we were leaving, the fire department guy told me that she was playing with a back brace. Not good.

Those situations are scary and make you think too much about how fragile life is - especially on the field. One bad hit, one crunch, one minute - you can't think about that when you're putting on your equipment or walking out there, but it's still present and ever dangerous.

Praying for her - and thankful for another day, and another win. Ravens roll on.


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