"We're going to get killed"

This week's fun at practice culminated yesterday with a JV - frosh scrimmage because our first game was postponed to 9.16. It was a let-down, but still a good opportunity to prepare some things, especially because Coach H was gone this week at a coaching clinic across town.

On Tuesday when Coach L told the boys about the scrimmage vs. game situation, I walked down to the locker room with my center M, TE C and a few other boys. M tells me right off the bat: "Coach, we're going to get killed." Of course I had to say if he felt that way, he should just stay home on Thursday... but in truth, I wasn't sure what to expect.

The challenges of the frosh squad are many but one is that we aren't able to really "scout" the other team. We can see what our boys are doing through the practice tapes we take on Thursdays and we can see what the opponents' varsity squads are playing but it will be a mystery for personnell and game planning. The same was a little true of yesterday... we ended up playing offense for 10 plays and defense for 10 plays back and forth.

Our squad played well - but was outscored on a few mental mistakes by the JV. Mostly they were successful running outside, which we'll need to take a look at on film. One of our corners C, is very short but he did a fantastic job covering a perfect JV pass to the endzone. It was the plan that ended the scrimmage and a bright spot.

I enjoyed being able to see our issues on certain plays: LT V doesn't know he must get out and block the middle LB on 47 Veer so he clogs the hole, our C M wasn't blocking the right assignment on 82 down, and our left side was very confused one of the times we ran 43 Veer Pass... they let the defense leak through and then turned around and looked at their teammates on the ground. Not good. But all good things we can work on.

Next week will be very light for me, as I have to attend a coaches' clinic at Whitewater on Tuesday, and then we'll be leaving on Thursday morning for vacation. I will miss a home varsity game, but I think I'll miss the boys the most. Last night I got home at six and I couldn't believe it was only six after all I had done after practice, at work and at practice.


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